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A non-governmental organization founded in Hong Kong in 1994, China Labour Bulletin has grown from a small monitoring and research group into a proactive outreach organization that seeks to defend and promote the rights of workers in China. We have extensive links and wide-ranging co-operative programs with labour groups, law firms and academics throughout China, as well as with the international labour movement.

CLB employs around 12 full-time staff in our Hong Kong office working primarily on our collective bargaining and labour rights litigation programs and media advocacy, as well as finance and administration.

CLB founder and director Han Dongfang has been a leading advocate for workers’ rights in China for more than two decades since helping to form China’s first independent trade union during the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989. He plays a leading role in guiding and directing CLB’s overall development.

Labour and human rights veteran, Cai Chongguo, is CLB's deputy director responsible for collective bargaining and labour rights litigation. He supervises a team of Chinese labour law and labour relations experts with decades of experience in the field.

Shawn Shieh, formerly the founder and director of China Development Brief (English) and an expert on Chinese civil society, is CLB's deputy director of development and operations. Together with Development Officer Valerie Nichols, Shawn is responsible for fundraising and ensuring the smooth running of CLB's programs.

CLB’s communications team is headed by writer and journalist Geoffrey Crothall, a former Beijing correspondent for the South China Morning Post. Liu Jiayi regularly reports on worker activism in China and Keegan Elmer manages CLB’s Strike Map and Work Accident Map. 

CLB’s work is funded by grants from a wide-range of foundations, public and private organizations and trade unions. Finance Director Estella Chun and Administrative Officer Tiffany Chong ensure the money gets to the people who need it.

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